Compared to other forms of violence and abuse against children, the specificity and systematic of genital mutilation offers the possibility to comprehensive and effective prevention of this crime.

The right of all potential victims on protection against FGM can be granted by realizing the following three methods:

  • mandatory medical check ups, including examination of genital inviolacy on a regular basis (either for those girls only that belong to the exactly defined risk group, or for all children living in Germany up to the age of 18), in combination with:
  • duty for medical professionals to report (in both cases – committed and impending mutilations);
  • collective measures according to family law for all 30.000-50.000 underaged girl-children of the risk group in order to prevent the mutilations in the home countries of the parents (referring to an adjudication of the Federal High Court of Justice, XII ZB 166/03).

Please refer to our prevention campaign for the detailed description and legal derivation. more…