Whoever believes that female genital mutilation in Germany, and also Europe, is a “side issue” cannot be more wrong:

  • Up to 50,000 girls in Germany alone are at risk (see here)
  • Particularly in the high-risk groups (those originating in Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Gambia, and many more, where there is a 70% rate of female genital mutilation) up to an unbelievable 80% of girls, mostly during “holiday trips” to their homelands, are abused in this way.
  • Because those committing these crimes, and the parents and other family members who instigate the acts, escape prosecution, the result is huge numbers of victims who receive no protection.
  • This is due to the fact that because of doctor/patient confidentiality, a doctor who discovers evidence of genital mutilation can take no action, or inform the social services.
  • There are some cases where girls are protected by a court order (text in German) in their home country but this does not prevent parents taking their daughters to a foreign country for genital mutilation.
  • Ministries or politicians have as yet not provided an appropriate solution. Even the planned change to criminal law will not achieve any improvement due to a lack of framework conditions.