Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is no side issue:

FGM is among the most systematic and most widely spread form of mistreatment and violation of children’s rights in the world – with over 3 million victims every year in Africa alone.

Not even included in the calculation are the victims from Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Iran as well as Indonesia and Malaysia.

This genital mutilation includes cutting off the girls’ clitoris and often also the labia in order to prevent the development of their independent sexuality and to be able to control them better.

Up to 98% of girls in a country or region (e.g. Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Gambia, Sierra Leone, and many more) are tortured, suffer severe bodily injury and are often traumatised for life due to female genital mutilation.

Worldwide we can assume that there are more than 200 million girls affected. In 2005 UNICEF stated that: Every day there are at least 8,000 babies, small children and girls of all ages who are forced to have their genitals mutilated!