Our work drives at protecting girls in a measurable and secure way against the violence of genital mutilation.

1. Single cases

If individual girls are endangered by genital mutilation, we are working closely with the responsible authorities, e. g. youth welfare offices, local courts. We compile background information and recommended procedures in order to facilitate competent behavior for protecting the girls. Each case is thoroughly looked into, prepared and conducted until its conclusion. This way, we guarantee that really all possibilities are used to protect a girl.

2. Prevention campaign for all girls

The implementation of the necessary protection measures for ALL endangered girls (see prevention campaign) is a task for our government. Please see our demands.

3. Lobbying

So far, (status: 2010) no official political discussion is in place regarding the protection of endangered girls and the prosecution of criminals. Therefore, we continuously point political decision makers to their responsibility, provide our analysis, funded insight and solutions and realize one-on-one interviews.

Briefly, we are in continuous exchange with politicians on state, federal and EU level, as well as with the respective ministries.

3. Public relations

We prepare facts, correlations and solutions for a broad audience, correct wrong information (e. g. too low numbers of endangered girls) and, in our watch dog position, disclose serious grievances (e. g. the mutilation of thousands of sponsored girl-children in German development aid projects) for a broader public.

In our presentations and seminars that are oriented towards diverse target groups, we impart funded and comprehensive knowledge regarding the problematic of genital mutilation.

4. Concrete Projects

  • See our sponsored girl campaign, which aims protection for up to 400,000 girls in sponsorship programmes – and who are helplessly delivered to FGM by now.
  • For a short time we have been running a helpline for girls at risk and concerned people in Germany: SOS FGM.

Due to its expertise, the TaskForce is recommended by several Ministerial Conferences of the Federal States when it comes to providing information and consulting in individual cases.