…at our Task Force for effective prevention of FGM

Did you know that, in Germany, there are up to 50.000 underage girls in danger of becoming a victim of genital mutilation?

And did you know that up to 80% of these girls (e. g. from Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, Mali) in fact become victims – mainly during “vacation trips” to their parents’ home countries?

Thanks to substantial analysis, we are able to not only describe the situation of endangered girls in Germany, but also the mechanisms that currently prevent both the protection of the girls as well as the prosecution of the criminal acts.

As a nationwide network providing information about genital mutilation and one-on-one consulting, the TaskForce is a professional organization recognized by the Ministerial Conference of the Federal States.

We campaign for secure and measurable protection of children against mutilation – because every girl has the right to be protected against this avoidable act of violence.

We analyse the behaviour of organizations/institutions and politicians regarding their possibilities of preventing genital mutilation and protecting girls, identify feasible solutions and demand their implementation.

In this regard, the secure protection of girls against abuse, damage and traumatic experience due to genital mutilation is our top-priority. more…

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